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Spa-Inspired Bathroom Remodeling Ideas You Must Try in 2023

spa-like bathroom

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Adding small touches to your home can make it feel like a spa. You don’t need to do any major renovations; add a few decorative items like candles, plants, or artwork to make your home feel more calming and luxurious. These seven bathroom remodeling ideas can help make your bathroom a relaxing and peaceful place. It would help if you took some time to make your bathroom a place of comfort and relaxation.

A Soothing Palette

Painting your bathroom walls can be a great way to create a calming atmosphere. Choose a color that you find soothing, such as light blues and greens. You could pick a bold burgundy or emerald green color if you feel adventurous. Add wallpaper or tiles that match or complement the main wall color to complete the look.

All White

Visualize your perfect spa-like bathroom and imagine it coming to life. A white or neutral color palette creates a soothing, spa-inspired atmosphere. The walls and tiles are light and airy, making the entire space look bright and inviting. Adding small, stylish pieces like a unique mirror, framed art, or a bronze bathtub tray can make the room pop. With these touches, you will have a luxurious, spa-like bathroom.

Natural Light

A dreary bathroom can be transformed with natural light. If you have the option, add windows or skylights to let the sunshine in. Use mirrors to help spread the light around. If you’re worried about privacy, you can use lightweight curtains or have the windows frosted to keep people from looking in for a while and letting the light in.

Nature-Inspired Pieces

Adding natural elements such as wood and stone to your bathroom remodeling can give it a calming and peaceful feeling. Woods such as cedar and teak are more resistant to damage from moisture, so they are a great option. You can go big and get a wooden bathtub or use pebble-shaped tiles on the floor. 

Alternatively, smaller touches such as bamboo trays, marble storage containers, and woven baskets can give your bathroom a tranquil atmosphere.

You can also bring some houseplants to your bathroom, bringing a spa-like feel. Choose tropical plants that love the humidity created by showers and baths, such as hanging or trailing plants, to give a lush, jungle-like atmosphere. Plants like ferns, ZZ plants, and pothos are good for bathrooms without much natural light.

A Bathtub Tray

Bathtub trays, made from bamboo, marble, and metal materials, add a fashionable touch to your bathroom. Place a small candle, potted succulent, bath salts, or handmade soap on the tray for decoration. Some trays are designed to hold a book, teacup, or glass of wine. Before buying a bath caddy, measure your tub to ensure the tray will fit its width.

Pre-Made Dispensers

Invest in stylish containers that hold your shampoos, conditioners, hand soaps, and body washes. Refill the containers when needed, reducing single-use plastic waste by allowing you to purchase larger refill containers. With this easy change, your shower area will look more like a luxurious spa than a store aisle.

In Closing

Spas bring the ultimate relaxation experience by combining all of these styling elements. Following these seven ideas, you can spoil yourself and your guests with a similar atmosphere!

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