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Some Useful Lighting Ideas for Your Bright Bathroom

bathroom mirror lighting

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A well-lit bathroom may do more than help you get ready for the day; it can also help lift your spirits when you need a break from the stresses of life. Bathroom renovations are a great chance to upgrade your lighting without sacrificing aesthetics. The following are some bathroom lighting ideas to think about when designing it should you find yourself in need of some inspiration.

  • Back-Lit Led Bathroom Mirrors

Makeup and hairstyling benefit greatly from the work lighting provided by an LED mirror’s energy-efficient bulbs. The LED mirror and restrained color scheme give bathrooms a spa-like feel while still making the most of the space.

  • Bathroom Skylights

The bathroom will be constantly illuminated by natural light from the clerestory windows and the solar-powered skylight inside the striking walk-in shower. Even on cloudy days, the bathroom will be bright because of the LED mirror medicine cabinet, the all-white walls, and the wall sconces mounted above the vanity. This updated concept will feature a clever combination of several different types of lighting that work together to illuminate the room from every angle.

  • Chandelier Lighting

It’s important to have good bathroom lighting in bathrooms that are both large and tall. One of the most eye-catching ways to add visual appeal is with a crystal chandelier or even a sleek and modern one. Aesthetically, you want to highlight the ceiling and attract attention to the volume of the room. If you want your lights to be dimmable or have a specific color temperature, pick a design that complements those features.

  • Dimmable Vintage-Inspired Bulbs

Alternatively, you may go for a sconce design that makes use of bulbs with a retro aesthetic. LED bulbs that mimic the appearance of incandescents are now commercially available. This sort of bulb emits light at the red end of the spectrum and is ideal for a darkened washroom. If you want to unwind with an evening bath and prefer a mellower light, these dimmable bulbs are a fantastic choice.

  • Globe Pendant Bathroom Lights

Another classic choice is a pendant lamp in the shape of a globe. A globe light is an effortless addition to this environmentally friendly, teal bathroom concept because of the emphasis on blending natural and contemporary design elements. A glass shower door and a round mirror, in addition to white, reflective wall tiling, are added to lighten up the area. A globe pendant light hung over the sink softens the otherwise harsh angles of the room’s wood vanity and shelving.

  • Modern Bathroom Sconce Lights

To some extent, a pendant lamp or LED-lit mirror may be too much lighting for a powder room or smaller bathroom. A few well-placed sconces, on the other hand, can do the trick. The powder room in a tropical-themed design boasts a daring combination of modern sconces, aged brass fixtures, and all-white surfaces, providing just the right amount of light for those who need to freshen up.

  • Schoolhouse Bathroom Sconces

Schoolhouse lights have been a staple in architecture and interior design for more than a century due to their uniform illumination. With the help of reflected surfaces, the light from the schoolhouse sconces and the frosted window in a tiny bathroom in the attic will be well-balanced.

  • Traditional Over-Mirror Vanity Lights

This tastefully restored dormer bathroom feature includes white subway tile with brass and chrome accents for a clean, modern appeal. By reflecting light from the room’s two enormous windows and the decorative fixtures positioned high above the mirror, these features also contribute to the room’s radiance.

  • Under-Counter Bathroom Lighting

If you need more ambient light, try installing some lamps in an unusual spot, like under a floating vanity. Improvements to the lighting in the property’s main bathroom include enormous mirrors, wall sconces, under-counter lighting, and other reflective finishes that make the room feel more open, bright, and spa-like.


Overall, whether you want a little powder room, a spa-like experience, or something in between, renovating your bathroom will improve the way you go about your everyday activities in a significant way. Choose a bathroom designer who can assist you in reducing the number of options if you are confused about how to get started or where to start looking, especially with the lighting features.

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