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Tips to Choose the Right Vanity Mirror in Bathroom Remodeling

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Vanity mirrors are an important part of any bathroom, as they act as the center of hygiene and cosmetic activities and the primary storage spot in the room. If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom, it’s important to make sure you have a good understanding of the various vanity options available. Research during the planning phase is essential to ensure successful bathroom remodeling. Don’t ignore these top features when in need of a vanity mirror:

Proportional Size and Scale

You’ve found the ideal vanity for your restroom and are now ready to reach out to various renovation specialists, yet have you measured the current dimensions of your bathroom to make sure your new vanity will fit?

A well-functioning bathroom must be carefully planned and thought out to be easy to navigate and use. A good layout will ensure plenty of space, and the design elements don’t impede each other. Planning a bathroom requires attention to detail and ensuring enough room for people to move around without bumping into things or feeling cramped.

Some appropriate vanity sizes include:

  • The 30-inch: Best for spaces with a limited floor area or guest restrooms. These usually fit only one sink.
  • The 48-inch: This option suits either a spacious one-sink arrangement or an amply-sized two-sink configuration. 
  • The 60-inch: This generously sized vanity is ideal for families or couples who need two sinks. The 60-inch vanity offers two individual compartments for storage and a shared collection of drawers in the middle. With plenty of space for two washbasins, it’s ideal for a main or secondary bathroom.
  • The 72-inch: The 72-inch vanity is the biggest size you will generally find without having to have a custom one made. It provides ample counter space for a double sink and lots of storage.

Although it may seem large, many people choose this size when two people are going to be using the vanity as it gives them plenty of space. Remember that you should be careful when selecting this size as it may restrict you if you want to add other fixtures to the bathroom later.

Accessible Height

For homeowners who are considering making their bathroom more accessible, it is beneficial to do some research on the topic before they hire a contractor. Doing so can help ensure that they are aware of the options available and can decide on what type of accessibility upgrade they would like to pursue in their bathroom remodeling.

Lowering a bathroom vanity’s height involves changing the height of the countertop, sink, and surrounding storage area. This will allow people who have difficulty walking or are in a wheelchair to access the sink more easily. 

Vanity heights usually range from 30–32 inches in older homes but may be as high as 36 inches in modern homes. For accessibility purposes, the recommended vanity height is 28–34 inches.

The Contractor

Choosing the right contractor for your bathroom vanity is essential to ensuring the vanity fits properly and is installed correctly. It is important to research the contractor you choose and ensure they have a good reputation and the necessary qualifications to complete the job correctly. They must have an official address and place of business and require a third or less of the project cost.

In Closing

Consider the scale, height, and installer when installing the right vanity mirror. You won’t go wrong when you’ve ticked off all three from your checklist!

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